A powerful menu builder that brings the coolest designs and popups to Divi!



DiviMenus is a powerful Divi module with tons of options that allows you to create the coolest designs by using a menu-like builder. Actually, you can use it to build a menu, a grid, a custom layout creator, a button inside an image or video, a social sharing tool, a filter tool that shows and hide page elements, or even a popup or banner generator. Possibilities are endless!

You can look at some pre-made layouts here.

DiviMenus is fully responsive and compatible with the latest versions of Divi, the Visual Builder and the Theme Builder. Also, you can take advantage of the coolest Divi features, such as the mobile options, the hover options, dynamic content for the destination links, etc.

Still making boring menus? Lead visitors with eye-catching items, buttons, popups, etc. Add DiviMenus to your page and boost your content engagement!

DiviMenus at a glance

1. Getting to know the DiviMenus elements

DiviMenu Elements

Menu Button and Menu Items

The Menu Button is the element that opens the DiviMenu.

The Menu Items, unlike the Menu Button, are clickable elements that perform different actions depending on their link type.

👉The DiviMenus built-in link types are the following ones:

  • URL (the Menu Item will link to an URL)
  • Popup (The Menu Item will pop up any layout you have in the Divi Library)
  • Show (The Menu Item will sow / hide any element from your post / page)

👉The DiviMenus On Media Add-on (that allows you to display DiviMenus on images and videos) adds these Link Types:

  • Open in Lightbox
  • Open Media Link
  • Download Media file

👉The DiviMenus Sharing Add-on adds the “Share” Link Type.

Please, learn more on DiviMenus elements and link types here and here.


They are informative names that are displayed along with your Menu Items. You can choose either to hide or display them, and also define only to be displayed on hover.

2. The DiviMenus Settings Modal

Here you can customize the DiviMenu in a very intuitive way, same as you do with any Divi module.


Here you can choose:

  • The DiviMenu type and shape.
  • The DiviMenu display.
  • The Menu Button and Menu Items content (text / image / icon)
  • Whether or not to show the Menu Button / Titles / DiviMenu background.
  • How the elements should be displayed (custom position for the Menu Button and the titles, custom displays, custom backgrounds, etc)

Here you can design the DiviMenus elements, for example:

  • Whether or not to use backgrounds and borders.
  • Hover and responsive options.
  • The DiviMenu alignment.
  • Elements styles.
  • Elements paddings.

Here you can find the DiviMenus advanced options. As a Divi user, you must be familiarized with them.

3. DonDivi Extra Tools

The following tools are included in all DonDivi plugins.

Visual Builder quick-link

Adds a very helpful quick-link to posts, pages, custom posts types and layouts (how convenient, isn’t it?)

Layouts Shortcodes

Provides shortcodes to use your Divi Library layouts everywhere. Just go to the Divi Library, search the layout you want to use, copy the shortcode (that are displayed in the Divi shortcode column) and paste in the location that you want it to be rendered. It’s that easy!

4. Things you should know about DiviMenus

  • Divimenus is 100% compatible with Divi
  • DiviMenis is fully responsive
  • DiviMenus is fully translated into Spanish.
  • DiviMenus does not render WordPress menus. Instead, it is a powerful menu builder that gives you the power to create the coolest designs for Divi.
  • DiviMenus offers a quite comprehensive set of options: you will be able to build new kinds of menus in a different and original way. The content is not only limited to text (as usual in menu plugins), you can also use icons and images as well. Same for the menu shape, etc. Furthermore, you will be able to open different link types from the Menu Items, not only URLs. You will love this extension. Get DiviMenus and boost your creativity!
  • DiviMenus includes the Layout Shortcodes and the Visual Builder Quick-Link DonDivi extra tools.
  • DiviMenus brings the coolest designs to Divi. You can take advantage of the Show and Popup link types to create stunning designs including popups, hide and show, content toggles, visibility filters, megamenus, banners, etc.



Design Email Signatures with Divi and paste them into your Mail Settings.


DiviSignatures is a Divi extension that allows you to create Mail Signatures using the Divi Builder.

Creating a Mail Signature is quite straightforward and only requires three simple steps.

1. DESIGN. Design your signature by using the Divi Builder.

2. COPY. Copy your signature to the clipboard by clicking the Copy Button.

3. PASTE. Paste it into your email client.

It’s that easy!