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When I started this blog I installed lots of plugins to share the blog posts on social networks but I didn’t find any one that I liked, since I was looking for a plugin that didn’t affect my website loading time.

These are the reasons I didn’t get to install any plugins I found in the WordPress directory:

  • Plugin size: Some of them shipped with folders that contained images and files that I din’t need just for sharing a post on a social network.
  • Lack of buttons: Although most of them offered sharing support for the main social networks, I missed WhatsApp.
  • Paid plugins: Even though some of them claim to be free, they are not. You must pay for the complete version, which I don’t need because I look for a simple plugin. Needles to say that the reminders and ads to upgrade are really annoying.
  • Complexity: I like a plugin to share a post to be simple and easy to use.
  • Coding, JavaScript and CSS: I was very surpresed when I saw so many lines of code, most of them unnecessary, which didn’t follow programming good practises.
  • Coding, external libraries: This type of plugin just need some JavaScript (even none), some CSS and some calls to APIS if using counters. I have found plugins that use libraries for almost everything, as a result your website will need more requests to the server and will be also slower.
  • Coding, database: I noticed that more plugins that I thought won’t remove their database records after the uninstallation. That is, you will have store all the plugins options. This might be OK for some plugins, but for such a simple plugin like this, I want them to let the database like it was before installing it.
  • Look and feel: The plugins that meet the requirements I needed came with ugly buttons, with no customization.

That’s why I have created and installed a new one (you can see the buttons in this post).

JC Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons and Counters. Plugin para compartir en redes sociales.

This is a plugin «Made in Spain», so it’s available in English and Spanish. I uploaded a few days ago to the WordPress directory. 

It’s a simple and lightweight plugin who meets the requirements I commented above. You are free to download it a have it a try. I think you will like it if you are looking for a simple and secure plugin to add sharing buttons.

IIf you want to get more traffic to your website, I encorauge you again to try it. If you like it you can rate it in the WordPress directory. You can also contact me either if you see something wrong, you have any suggestions, or just want to say samething related to the plugin. Hope it is useful 🙂