Frequently Asked Questions about my services


My services

Why should I hire you?

I’m a Software Engineer. I have many years experience in programming and my clients and co-workers are happy (as far as I know) with my work.

Who are your services for?

My target audience are freelancers and companies. Individuals can contact me too.

Do you comply with the data protection rules?

Yes, everything is in order. I treat your personal data confidentially and in accordance with privacy policy that you can find in the link above.

Rates and payment

What are your rates per hour?

It depends. They range from 20€ + VAT the more affordable to 50€ + VAT. They are the commonly prices. Please, take into account that for specific jobs I can charge a little more.

Why are you using a price range?

Every project is different, so is the rate. Rates for short duration projects shouldn’t be the same as rates for long duration ones.

Likewise, developing for a technology is not the same as developing for another one.

That’s why my prices will differ depending on the project

Can we set a fixed price?

Yes, we can discuss it.

How do I pay you?

By a bank transfer.

Do you issue invoices?

Yes, I work legally. So please, don’t tell me afterwards that you don’t want me to issue an invoice. Thank you!


How can I contact you?

You can contact me using this website contact form.


Performance and security

Will my website be fast?

Yes, it will. I use good programming practices and I apply WPO techniques, so as far as I’m concerned, it will be fast.

Will be my website secure?

Yes, it also will. I will take into account everything so you website is protected: use of updated software, SSL certificates, etc.

Data protection

I need to comply with the data protection law.

I’m a freelance software developer, not a lawyer. However, thanks to my collaborators, I’m offering to you a 10% off discount so that your website comply with the data protection law. 

Take into account that failure to comply with the GDPR may subject your company to fines.

Support and maintenance

Will you support me?

Absolutely yes. I will give you support via email, skype and I will even create video tutorials if needed. I want you to be happy with your website and my job.

Will you maintain my website?

I will if you ask me to do so; and I certainly prefer to maintain your website because I want it up and running 😉



What theme will you use?

Divi; unless otherwise specified. Yo will receive the theme updates, since you will get the Divi lifetime license.

Do I have to buy the theme?

No, neither the theme nor the plugins. All those expenses are on me, except the hosting service.

Which hosting do you recommend me?

Raiola, which is where this website is hosted in.

If you choose Raiola too, you can sign up via the link above.

By doing that, you won’t pay more and you will help me to keep contributing to the WordPress community. Please keep in mind that you will only help me if you sign up using this affiliate link.