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DiviMenus, more than just a Divi module

Posted by JC

Create stunning Menus with Divi

Bring your website to life and build interactive and stunning menus for your visitors using a simple interface.

Today I’m incredibly excited to announce the release of DiviMenus, a new experience for all Divi users.

DiviMenus is more than just a Divi module, it’s a completely new menu builder that will give you the power to create all kind of stunning designs.

The module interface is amazingly easy to use, so it can be enjoyed by design professionals and newcomers alike.


DiviMenus is the easiest way to create stunning Animated Menus from the Divi Builder.

The module allows you to create circular, horizontal and vertical menus; choose any type of content for your Menu elements; customize their angles and borders, as well as their backgrounds; the possibilities and endless. You have also the possibility to define a different link type for each element (eigher an URL, a post, a page, or even a Divi Layout).

DiviMenus comes with tons of options, so you can build awesome post and pages!

Also, you can take advantage of the Divi Advanced Fields and the latest features like the Divi Hover Options, which will make your DiviMenu extremely customizable.

Last but not least, DonDivi plugins also includes all these Exclusive Add-ons to get the most out of Divi.

You can learn more about DiviMenus either by clicking the items below or by contacting me (I’m a web developer and CTO of DonDivi).

DiviMenus is fully compatible with the Visual Builder Divi 4

Build Visually


DiviMenus is available today, you can get the module here and give it a try. Let us know what you think, share this article if you like it and stay tuned for more premium plugins for Divi.