Buddyfence, a BuddyPress plugin

Posted by JC

As we all know, BuddyPress is a great solution when we want convert WordPress into a social network or into a user community. As we also know, BuddyPress pages are public by default: anonymous users can access the community pages and user profiles.

Recently, I used BuddyPress in a project, and my client wanted those pages to be private. In particular, they wanted the activity page to be private.

There are many WordPress plugins related to BuddyPress, but none of them help me to achieve this in a simple and easy way. That’s why I created my own plugin, using the BuddyPress documentation. And now I’m sharing it to you.

Buddyfence, protect your community from anonymous users

Buddyfence lets you choose which BuddyPress pages can access an anonymous user, that is, a non-logged in user. If an anonymous user tries to access these pages, they will be redirected either to the login page, or to the homepage, or even to a custom page.

Tweet: Buddyfence, the easiest way to make private BuddyPress pages and profiles so anonymous users cannot access them #buddypress bit.ly/2vXWVoi
Buddyfence, the easiest way to make BuddyPress pages and profiles private so anonymous users cannot access them.

We can restrict access to theses pages: Members, Groups, Activity and User Profiles. If we had a bbPress forum, an anonymous user won’t access their members profiles either.

Since Buddyfence 1.2 we can use any website page to redirect anonymous users. We can also display a template with a message to log in rather than redirecting them.

You can get more information here or by clicking over the image above.

Please, take into account that this plugin needs BuddyPress, but if you haven’t installed yet the plugin just won’t work. We won’t be able to see the plugin options until BuddyPress is installed and activated.

Hope this plugin is useful 🙂